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“Respond to every call that excites your spirit” Rumi

I am a professional musician who has always had a great interest in complementary therapies. I am passionate about natural health and finding ways for you to be in the driving seat of your own healthcare and to increase your Wellbeing. Meditation for Living’s mission is to enable you to participate more fully in your own wellness, especially through self-care and self- compassion and to bring balance to over stimulated and stressed minds. My comprehensive training with the British School of Mediation covered many different styles of Meditation and also involved studying the scientific benefits of having a regular practice.

These days we are quite aware of the importance of good diet and taking regular exercise but we often neglect our minds and thoughts, putting our health way down on our to do list and we’re often not that kind to ourselves.  In today’s frantic world of technology and information overload, we are constantly bombarded with stressful fear- producing information. We rarely switch off and there is pressure to conform to the media’s ideal image. I am interested in ways for you to be rather than to do and how you feel rather than look.

I came to meditation firstly through Reiki in 2007 but started a daily practice in February 2013. I feel it is a profound act of self love as well as a discipline; a kind of maintenance for the mind.

My initial motivation was a desire to play a more active role in my own health and become more aware of  the people and events in life that triggered a stress response. Now meditation is a very important and grounding part of my self-care routine and I cannot imagine life without it.

Meditation has taught me acceptance, self trust and that everything I need is already within me rather than looking to external sources.

I was first attuned to Reiki following my cat Saha’s terminal cancer diagnosis in 2007. Saha seemed to intuitively recognise and appreciate Reiki’s capacity to heal and I was able to share peace and comfort with her during the last few weeks of her life.

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Reiki supports healing and personal development and offers a direct experience of true relaxation. Having trained in both western and Japanese styles of Reiki it is my intention to follow and honour the original Japanese teachings of Reiki as taught by the International House of Reiki.

Through Meditation and Reiki I have made many changes in my life and thought carefully about my own self care routine. I am mindful as to what I put into and onto my body. I am a fully insured member of the UK Reiki Federation and the British School of Meditation and abide by their strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and regularly attend workshops and courses for Continuing Professional Development to deepen my personal practice. These include Reiki retreats with Frans Stiene and Penelope Quest, Equine Reiki with Kathleen Prasad, workshops with William Bloom and Dr David Hamilton.

Meditation for Living’s vision is to is to offer affordable and comprehensive training to provide you with the opportunity to explore and learn life-long skills for living a calmer more balanced life and to help empower you to you take the lead in your own health.  I passionately believe that Meditation and Reiki can offer profound and lasting benefits to wellbeing.

I am a regular volunteer at the Hummingbird Centre for Cancer Support in Launton.


  • Meditation teacher – Dip BoSM accredited with distinction member of the British School of Meditation. Externally accredited by Ascentis and regulated by Ofqual.
  • Reiki Master Teacher International House of Reik lineage – Original Japanese style
  • “M” Technique Practitioner Holistic aromatherapy massage/structured touch
  • Certificate in Basic Aromatherapy Therapeutic blending for massage
  • S. A.C Dip Anatomy and Physiology
  • Diploma in Neuro Lingustic Programming

“Health is the greatest possession contentment is the greatest treasure.” Lao Tzu

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