What happens in a class?

The monthly classes are for everyone whether you have experience in meditation or not. It is the chance to have some quiet, reflective time to nourish the mind and recharge the batteries.

Meditation is a practice in awareness so each time will be different. Sometimes it will flow and sometimes the mind is racing and it may be a challenge.

Each monthly class has a different theme according to the time of year and often relating to relevant awareness weeks or months.

We start with a brief reminder that it is normal to have thoughts, just try as best you can to observe them with kindness and let them float past. Also that meditation is not daydreaming but an active focused state rather than just relaxing.

It is important just to be comfortable and at ease. You do not need to sit in any weird or wonderful positions; just have the intention to be alert and awake. Also to be kind to yourself and to meet yourself where you are at the moment.

Our first meditation is a simple breathing practice to calm mind and body. There will generally be four or five different meditations lasting between 10 and 20 minutes. Often we end in a self-compassion or loving kindness meditation. I always include a mindfulness reading or poem in some of the meditations.

I will guide you through each meditation and afterwards there will be an opportunity to reflect and share any thoughts if you choose.


*If you have severe depression, epilepsy or schizophrenia you will need a GP referral letter and meditation may not be appropriate Meditation is not a quick fix or a substitution for counselling.*